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Intelsat 10-02 satellite reaches geostationary orbit

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2004 - 2:04

The Intelsat 10-02 spacecraft, designed and built by EADS Astrium for INTELSAT and launched by Proton on 16 June 2004, successfully performed early operations and is now in geostationary orbit.

Amsterdam, Toulouse, Friedrichshafen, Stevenage, 28 Juni 2004. After its launch from Baikonur by a Proton launch vehicle, the IS 10-02 satellite’s perigee altitude was raised in several burns of its own engine until it reached geostationary orbit. Its solar arrays were successfully deployed as were the antenna reflectors and the satellite is now accurately pointing to Earth. All systems are behaving nominally. As planned the satellite is drifting to its orbital position where it will be thoroughly tested before the payload can be brought into full operational service.

“This is a major event for EADS Astrium as Intelsat 10-02 is the second Eurostar E3000 model launched this year. Intelsat 10-02 is the largest satellite as well as the most powerful satellite ever ordered by Intelsat. All over Europe our teams and our expertise were mobilised to make this event a success.” said Antoine Bouvier, CEO of EADS Astrium.

From its 359° East orbit location, Intelsat 10-02 will provide a full range of services in Ku and C-band, for premium landmass coverage of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Additionaly, the Intelsat 10-02 will provide coverage as far east as Asia (India) and as far west as South and North America.

The spacecraft has a launch mass of 5600 kg, a solar array span of 45 metres once deployed in orbit, and a spacecraft power of 11 kW at end of life. The satellite will provide commercial services for a minimum of 13 years.

38 EUROSTAR spacecraft have been ordered to date, of which 25 have already been launched and have proven highly reliable in operational service. Intelsat 10-02 is the second in the E3000 series, of which nine others are currently in production.

The E3000 platform features a high degree of modularity, which, due to its wide range of configurations, enables it to match mission requirements precisely and to offer operators a comprehensive range of power options.



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